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I can’t imagine what a 10, 20, 30 etc litre bin can hold. Can you help?

Dimensions are detailed for each product by pressing more details or on the picture of the product itself. It’s well worth getting a measuring tape and just rolling it out to get a good idea of how big the bins are.

I’ve ordered a bin but have found that it is too big/small for the space I have/use I intended. Can I order another bin and you collect the one I don’t want?

Although you are welcome to return product in resaleable condition within 30 days of purchase for a refund I am afraid we cannot arrange collection. Couriers charge a massive premium for picking up from 3rd parties – bizarrely even if they are dropping off there anyway. However, please return it to us at the address on the Contact Us page – sending by Royal Mail Standard Parcel Service is probably cheapest. As long as we receive it within 30 days of purchase in original condition we will refund what you paid originally.

I live in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Greece, France etc but can’t seem how to find how to order on your website.

Sorry but we only export bulk orders i.e. pallet or shipping container quantities. The environmental cost of exporting what are really quite bulky items tends to eclipse the environmental benefit especially with the extra packaging that is involved. However, please do send an email with your details and we will advise if we could assist you. We regret that our public liability insurance precludes us from exporting to North America.

We are trying to encourage people to recycle in our sixth form, fire station, office etc please could you donate some bins?

Sorry but we already try to make recycling easier for everyone by offering the largest range of recycling equipment at the best pricing. If we gave away product we would have to charge everybody else more to cover costs.

Are any of your bins made out of recycled materials?

Most of our product uses recycled materials. Steel always contains a percentage of recycled content and polypropylene will generally contain an element of material from the manufacturing process – offcuts etc. that is known as post industrial regrind. The question really should be – do any of your products use any post consumer recycled material i.e. plastics collected from the public after use and then remanufactured. A good number of our office recycling bins are manufactured from post consumer recycled material and the percentage of recycled product in the bins ranges from 30% up to 100%. If you would like details of which recycling bins contain this please dond hesitate to contact us.

We would like to offer you the opportunity of: advertising in our magazine/on our new green website; attending our exhibition etc. at a quarter the usual rate.

Thank you for the offer but although we do sometimes advertise this is more of a way of supporting bodies we like rather than for any commercial return we might get. We realise that it is very expensive to find customers so we have invested in the best range of recycling bins, with the best service at the best pricing so that every customer generates more sales by recommendation.

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