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Past Stories


Sales top £5 million - February 2017

It has taken over 12 years - so not entirely an overnight success. The important thing for us though is that we have helped over 35,000 direct customers to recycle and many times that amount through distributors or other 3rd parties. Woohoo!


Sports Day Recycling - June 2016

We had great fun helping out at our local school’s sports day yesterday. Weather was perfect: just enough cloud to stop the children getting sunburn; just enough breeze to keep them from overheating. Apart from watching the children enjoying lots of exercise, the best fun for me was helping separate the recycling from the whole school’s packed lunches.

I’m often lucky enough to get invited on school trips (mostly because I’m old enough to be allowed to drive the minibus without having to take additional training). With a single class, recycling is relatively easy – one 27 litre organics bin (www.homerecycling.co.uk/large-kitchen-caddy-recycling-bin/prod_310.html) for apple cores, a clear liner for recyclables and a bin liner for landfill waste. School sport’s day is upping the ante a bit as we had to cater for the whole school -7 classes.
After a well deserved lunch the children put their apple cores, orange peels, banana skins and other left over fruit and the odd vegetable into our 27 litre organics bin, plastic bottles into one side of our Skipper bin and general waste into the other side of the Skipper. Awful Styrofoam cups that some staff had their tea in were nested together to save space before they went to the waste bin. 
We had quite a few volunteers who really got into the spirit 
of the sort out and decided that they wanted to pull out all the paper bags that the lunches had come in. This turned out to be, not only, a great rubbish space saver but we managed to rescue lots of unwanted bounty in the form of unused food and reusable containers and a few bags for life. We had reduced 9 bags of landfill down to 3 bags which the school said we should leave at the sports complex. The children had got me on a sorting role roll however and I knew we could reduce this further. Sorting through the bags at home on a lovely summer evening listening to the radio I managed to pull all the old yoghurt pots, rinse and stack them and brought the landfill bags down to 2 and earned me 160 seedling pots and a few more bits of food bounty including a mini chocolate swiss roll that tasted all the better because I had saved it. 


9 Bags of Landfill broken down to:
1 bag plastic bottle recycling
1 27 litre bin of organic scra
ps that went into my compost bin. We don’t compost sandwiches anymore as it encourages flies, smells awful as it decomposes and is really messy to extract from general rubbish.
160 yoghurt pots
25 apples
12 unused yoghurts
4 bottles of water
3 reusable food containers
3 bags for life
1 metal spoon
2 bags of landfill
20 house points


House of Commons - September 2015

One of the great things about selling recycling bins is that every order makes you feel good because you know that your product is going to make life easier for someone and the planet a bit better for everyone. I still feel more excited about some orders than others though and was delighted to send some bins to the House of Commons for the first time yesterday.

Half Term - February 2015

School holidays are generally quiet for us so staff generally take time off then too. When we got some large recycling bin orders over this half term it was nice to have some extra help.

Recycling bins at the movies - November 2014

We often send recycling bins to film sets, both on location and to large studios. Every film manages to make us feel a little of the magic of cinema; from small independent productions to mega titles whose filming is kept at the highest level of secrecy. Fortunately the discretion is strong with us. This week sees the release of the first film that we were told actually features our bins rather than their just being used behind the scenes. Can't wait to see it over the weekend!


New bin signs - November 2013

At last we have developed a range of signs that make your Slim Jim recycling bins really stand out. Compatible with the 60 litre and 87 litre standard versions as well as the 87 Litre Vented Slim Jim with or without any type of lid apart from the hinged version (yet!) they really transform your Slim Jims into a striking recycling point for only £14.00 including off the shelf or bespoke labelling and VAT.

We're at Glastonbury! June 2013

Well okay, frustratingly we're not there this year but some of our recycling bins are. We were lucky enough to exhibit there in 2005 but not since. It's some consolation that at least some bins have made it there.


They're here.......! June 2013

After nine years we still get excited about new recycling bins. What was new this time was that we weren't the only ones to be enthusiastic about the new stock!


All around the world - April, 2013

At last, we’ve done it! We have now sent orders to every continent on the planet. As recycling bins tend to be hollow bits of metal or plastic they don’t lend themselves to being shipped around the world except when they are ordered in bulk and we can nest them. We sadly often find ourselves having to say to many potential clients that it’s worth neither the financial nor environmental cost of shipping a product designed to save waste around to the other side of the world. With large orders however when we can nest product and make the most of pallet or container space we can often get product long distances for the same net price as customers have to pay gross within the EU.

Bizarrely Antarctica, which many would think of the most difficult continent to get to, was one of our first when the British Antarctic Survey placed an order for bins to kit out their Bird Island base off South Georgia.


As a contrast to this, last month we sent an order to Lagos - one of the largest populated cities in the world.


We regularly get orders from Europe and the Middle East and have had some very satisfying orders from the Far East including one where we sent product from Taiwan, the Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China and one where we sent several hundred bins to one of Americas “too big to fail” banks.

Australasia was the last continent we managed to put on our list and it was for one of the most modest products that we sell. One of our old domestic clients emigrated to Queensland and, when of the catches on the bin broke, Selina got in touch and ordered a replacement part which we were delighted to be able to post out to her.


BBC Good Food - October, 2012

It was great to get our Home Recycling Triple bin mentioned in the November edition of the BBC Good Food Magazine after supplying the lovely Prue Leith over the years.

What the article didn't mention was that the no nonsense Prue had made it clear what should go in what compartment of the sleek, stylish, brushed steel bin by writing Paper, Metal, Plastic; Organic; and General in felt tip pen on the bins. Editorial didn't think the homemade labels made for a good image so rubbed them out for the shoot. When we heard we sent Prue some magnet labels and stickers and she then kindly took time out of her busy schedule to write back thanking us - lovely, lovely, lady.


Warehouse work made fun! - September 28th, 2012

Obviously we all love working in the warehouse everyday but our new stock of build-a-bin blocks has made it even more fun. I'm going to build a boat next!



Spare part saves bin but doesn’t save marriage - July 2012

Sent: 05 July 2012 21:37
To: info@homerecycling.co.uk
Subject: My New Home Recycling Triple Bin 

Hi there,

I was married recently and lucky enough to get a gift of a home recycling triple bin from your company.
I had specifically put this on my wedding list as my sister has one and I knew how smart it was. The people at my husband's workplace bought this for us.
Since the happy event I caught my husband in our bed with one of his work colleagues and I now see the ironic side to the story, being bought a trash can by trash.
However, when my husband and I "discussed" what he had been up to and he flatly denied having an affair (despite the fact I had caught him with his hairy arse bobbing up and down in the marital bed) I threw 8 tins of dolphin friendly tuna at him. He managed to dodge all of them and then the idiot tripped and fell onto my bin. 
I am not bothered about the "loss" of this moron, but I am very upset about my damaged bin. The bottom part is fine - not even a scratch on it - well maybe a few small ones, but only if you look closely. But the top part with the three flaps got completely twisted and broken and has sadly gone to recycling bin heaven.
I would be extremely grateful if you can advise me how I can obtain a complete new top part. I would be very sad to know the moron has wrecked my favourite household object. 
Sorry for the dramatics. I think you can tell I was very attached to my bin.



Although sorry about the circumstances we were happy to send a replacement part and get the bin working again and delighted that the writer generously gave us permission to relate her story here.


Variety is the spice of life! - July 12th, 2011

We've had busier days and had more couriers pick up in one day but today was special in the range of customers we had. Among the usual couriers picking up UK parcels and pallets we had two different couriers picking up industrial can crushers going to Greenland and high specification bins going to meet a super yacht on the Cote d'Azur.


Sno' Problem - December 3rd, 2010

This week lots of businesses and services around here were closed or operating at reduced hours. Our bank was closed, our broadband barely holding onto life, mobiles not working at all one day, the post office closed early and some bus services were cancelled. We could cope with all that but then on Tuesday our courier said that they would not be able to collect from us. In our six years of business there has not been a single day when we haven't got orders out. So we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves when two of us drove across the Pennines with warm clothing and shovels to drop the orders off at the depot.

Then I found out that our local headmaster and some of his staff have been getting to school at five in the morning every day this week to clear snow and ice so that pupils and parents could get on with their day - now that really is something to be proud of!

Free Books for Schools - August, 2010

To celebrate the publication of the second edition of Recycle - The Essential Guide (and most educational establishments being on holiday our promotion should last a few weeks) we are giving away free copies with the first 10 orders of a value of £150 or greater going to schools, colleges and universities. This offer is valid on both this and our sister site workplacerecycling.com which is more cost effective when placing larger orders.

The cover price of this enjoyable and educational read is £19.95 but we are also offering other customers the book at only £15.99 - a 20% discount.


Record month - thank you! March, 2010

Thank you to everyone who has ordered from us this month which has been the best we've had in our six year history supplying recycling bins. We're not quite sure why it was so busy as it wasn't as if we had one very big order that skewed the figures, that we appeared in a tv programme or magazine or that the month was just a bit busier than normal - it was twice as busy as normal!

A few customers asked whether we were able to supply and invoice within the month and seemed slightly taken aback that we were able to supply next working day so maybe budget spending played a part. Whatever the reason we're grateful and pleased that we were able to supply 98% of orders straight from stock.

More snow - January 29, 2010

We received some lovely messages from customers during the snowy conditions at the beginning of the year. Quite a few, including Jesus College, Oxford, generously wrote to us to say not to send their orders until it was safe for us to do so!

We were also all really excited to hear from well respected newsreader Jon Snow who, unsolicited, took the time to email saying how impressed he was with our service after ordering a recycling bin. We already respected Jon's authority and gravitas on Channel 4 news but now see why so many have described him as the nicest man on television.

VAT increases, prices remain the same - January 1, 2010

Despite VAT returning back to 17.5% today and many manufacturers implementing price increases from today we have kept the pricing for all but three products the same as 2009. We worked through New Year's night individually changing the pricing on all 250 plus product lines so that customers would be paying the same for most products today as they were yesterday.

Best wishes for a fantastic 2010 from all of us here at Home Recycling

Winter Tent - November, 2009

About this time every year our open plan office starts getting a bit cold. It's fine if we're moving around packing bins but sat down doing office work is a bit uncomfortable. It would be financial as well as environmental madness to heat the whole building so we move into our specially made yurt.

We don't need to heat the yurt - computers and people keep it warm. So warm in fact that we have to take the green canvas roof off most afternoons to let some heat out. Our shiny new Mac looks and works wonderfully but as all the workings are in the keyboard and monitor we rely on the PCs to keep our feet warm!

Exhibition Season ending. Visit us! - September, 2009

We are coming to the end of the recycling exhibition season and it's been a bit disappointing in the UK this year. I haven't noticed any new recycling containers if you discount prototype variations of existing product. Some of our customers have said how good they thought the shows were so maybe we're just frustrated as we recognise that really we should have been demonstrating. We have a few problems with exhibiting though:

1) Our range is so large that if we were to display anywhere near the variety of stock we would have to pay £60,000 for each show.

2) Obviously the answer would be to display only a few bins but even then none of us are particularly salesy and I haven't worn a suit since I got married. Besides range, price and service are our main strengths and they are not easily demonstrated on a show stand.

3) There aren't enough of us to dedicate three people on what would have to be the biggest stand at every show for three days. Three of us spent a rushed few hours in the morning at the Recycling and Waste Management exhibition at the NEC in September and our skeleton crew had to deal with three large deliveries by themselves.

The answer seems to be to invite you to visit us. We have excellent links with the M62 and are only 6 minutes walk from Sowerby Bridge train station which is on the Leeds-Manchester line. We appreciate that we're not conveniently placed for everyone but we do have more recycling container solutions than can be seen anywhere else - even a recycling show. It will also give you the opportunity to see how we're able to offer next working day delivery to most of the UK. We are also really well served with plenty of reasonably priced places to eat and drink.

So, if you still haven't found what you're looking for please get in touch by email at sales@workplacerecycling.com or phone 08456 123-191 and arrange to see what we have to offer.


Local press. World coverage - June, 2009

Although everything he said and wore makes Chris cringe we were lucky to get three articles published about us in local papers in June. Unsurprisingly we saw a rise in retail sales in the North East of England. What was surprising and probably unconnected is that we saw a rise in commercial export orders in the same month sending orders out to countries in Northern Europe and the Middle East including Norway, Denmark, Qatar and Lebanon.

The egg has landed! - 28th May, 2009

We have been wanting to get the Ovetto recycling bin into stock for months and at last they have arrived. The bins are rotatable, have three compartments and three sprung flaps. The lid even pulls up to reveal a surprisingly effective plastic bottle crusher.

Fun and stylish, made from recycled plastic and available in all white, all black or with coloured doors and flaps they are already our favourite bin.

Workplacerecycling.com - March, 2009

Here at Home Recycling we’re working on an exciting new project – workplacerecycling.com - where we will offer a wide range of recycling products, services, and pricing structures aimed specifically at workplace environments such as your Office, Factory, School or University.

We are increasingly selling to business, government and educational institutions, despite the fact that traditionally we have concentrated on the retail market and have priced our products individually and inclusive of VAT.

Not only do we stock the largest range of recycling bins for the home we also have the largest range of recycle bins for the workplace and we needed a new website to allow customers an easy way of navigating through the choices available.

It was always our intention to encourage recycling at home in the hope that this would translate to increased recycling in the workplace. After 5 years we are now in a position to offer the non domestic sector the tools they need to recycle efficiently.
Please look out for further details of our official workplacerecycling.com website launch and remember that homerecycling.co.uk continues to stock the UK’s widest range of can crushers, recycling bins, and other recycle containers, making recycling in the home easier.

Prince Charles Visit - 24th November, 2008

Despite the weather there was a good turnout for the visit of Prince Charles on Monday 24th November. The Prince has a particular interest in the canal basin that we overlook due to the unique collection of canal side warehouses and the regeneration work that was started more than a decade ago by the Prince himself.

Joly Recycling - 21st October, 2008

I was really chuffed when we got an order from Stacey Joly a couple of weeks ago. I'm a regular reader of husband Dom's writing in the Independent where he often mentions Stacey and, of course, a big fan of his comedy tv work. I was really delighted however when Stacey took the time to write to us to let us know that their double recycling cabinet had helped in getting "almost" the whole family recycling!

Full House - January 30, 2008

Our warehouse has never been more full. Receiving 4 shipping containers over 6 weeks has meant our having to store items more efficiently and that even the largest of bulk orders can be despatched same day for next working day delivery.

Although we still have our shipping containers in the North East, with new ranges being introduced in the next few months it looks like we will have to look for more storage space.

New Environmental Office - November 23, 2007

Our open-plan office is in the warehouse which gets really cold in winter. Last winter it didn't matter so much because there were only two of us so we kept warm by packing orders. Now there are six of us it really is too cold to be sat in the open in front of a computer so we've had a yurt installed.

A lattice framed tent traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia our yurt is made from sustainably forested ash in the West Country, insulated with layered foil insulation between two thick canvas skins and keeps us warm when we're doing admin work or just having a break.

Kaiser Chief finds time to recycle - November 1, 2007

I was really chuffed when Nick Hodgson from the Kaiser Chiefs ordered a Brabantia twin bin online from us last year. It took 14 months and a Channel 4 schools programme on advertising for me to think that it might be a good idea to email him and ask whether he would mind if we mentioned he bought a recycling bin from us. Within half an hour of me emailing he emailed back to say he absolutely wouldn't mind and that he was overjoyed with the bin.

The Kaiser Chiefs are in the middle of a 20 date, 10 country tour and for Nick to find time to recycle is great (I know people who have time to watch Eastenders and Coronation Street but don't have time to recycle) but to find time to write to us within an hour of taking to the stage in Austria is awesome. I was a fan of the music before but now I'm a fan of the man too. 

Environmental Business of the Year Nomination - October 22, 2007

Great to get nominated in our local paper's Business Awards on Monday. We're down to the last three in the Environmental Business of the Year section and up against big local firms Marshalls and Interfaceflor who are doing great things. Interfaceflor is a customer so we know they're okay!

We break (our) record for emptying truck - September 18, 2007

We try and reduce the environmental and financial cost of transport by bringing in product by full 40' trucks direct from manufacturing plants. It has always taken over an hour for us to strip a full container but, with a slight reorganisation of staff, the six of us managed to empty our latest truckload and have all products stacked up in the warehouse in 42 minutes.

Our bins appear on tv - August 21, 2007

After successfully appearing on BBC's No Waste Like Home and Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife last year we donated some of our recycling bins to new BBC3 series Outrageous Wasters. Bins shown include 100 litre wheelie bins and the Stack of 3 Recycling Containers.

We get new boxes - August 3, 2007

I know it might not seem very exciting to anyone else and, maybe, we should get out more but we have new cardboard boxes!

The boxes are still double walled for strength and good enough to reuse - they would cost about £5.00 if you were to buy them in small quantities to move house or office. Now they have our own artwork on.

The good news is that this means we don't have to use our branded vinyl tape anymore. While vinyl is more environmentally friendly than standard polypropylene tape the brown paper tape we now use is better still and can be composted along with the box if you can't reuse it. Cardboard is great in compost bins or heaps especially if you tend to generate a lot of kitchen scraps or grass clippings.

Warehouse Badminton - August 1, 2007

Chris H, Chris B, Simon and Tim take advantage of a lull in an otherwise great sales week to have a game of badminton in the warehouse. The court's days were numbered however as 1,000 cardboard boxes were to arrive the following day and three shipping containers worth of stock are due the week after.

Warehouse Badminton - August 1, 2007

Chris H, Chris B, Simon and Tim take advantage of a lull in an otherwise great sales week to have a game of badminton in the warehouse. The court's days were numbered however as 1,000 cardboard boxes were to arrive the following day and three shipping containers worth of stock are due the week after.

The Independent - March 2007 - Julia Stephenson: The Green Goddess

Some of you may remember this newspaper's charity auction before Christmas, in which readers could bid for the company and services of Indy writers. I was one of the lots - offering a green home audit to the highest bidder - and I was worried no one would bid for me.

Indeed, as I languished behind and other lots raced ahead, I considered bidding for the agony aunt Virginia Ironside to discuss my worries, but she soon escalated out of my price range. In desperation, I asked my father to bid for me. "I'd bid a grand for you not to green me up," he grumbled. But he forgot, so it was left to fate to decide.

Fortunately, a charitable benefactor stepped in with a generous sum. So I duly travelled to the frozen North to green up Chris Hasling, who sells a vast range of recycling bins and other products from his converted chapel in Hebden Bridge.

He sounded pretty green already, and I feared that my visit would be like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, so I begged S, a builder, to accompany me with a chainsaw. If I wasn't delivering value, perhaps he could knock something down or put something up.

As I suspected, Chris's outfit was pretty green. His stunning Victorian chapel was huge - and absolutely freezing. There was no central heating, which is very eco-friendly, and as nobody in the North feels the cold, appeared to be no hardship.

Although my bones were so cold I could barely move (I'm from Guildford), I was impressed by Chris's recycling bins. My father makes wastepaper tubs, so I know a bit about bins, and these were the sine qua non of bins.

I quite wore myself out with eco-solutions, but whatever I suggested, Chris had already done. Fortunately, I discovered that the deepfreeze wasn't full. A deepfreeze uses less energy if it's full, so if yours is half-empty, fill it with scrunched-up plastic bags or something, to reduce energy consumption.

Ferreting in my bag, I found some old crisp packets and started shoving them into Chris's deepfreeze. "What a great idea, let's go to the pub!" he cried, wresting my bag from me. S put his chainsaw down and we dashed up and down dales to the best pub in Hebden Bridge, and had a slap-up lunch.

"There's more to Hebden Bridge than lesbians, you know," said Chris, as he filled us in on local colour. The whole lesbian thing was news to me, but it's no surprise as the town is very environmentally aware. With the world's population at six billion, a sure-fire way for us all to halt the planet's demand for energy is to go gay. Or, if that is too drastic, take a leaf out the books of the denizens of Hebden Bridge and turn off our heating. Brrrrr.
j.stephenson@ independent.co.uk

That's it!

We actually started back in 2004 but it took us a while to realise that maybe reporting our news might be of interest.