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Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Product Code: SPAPEXZM14

£1.00 inc VAT

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We have been stocking recycling bins since 2004 and have accumulated quite a range of spare parts. If you have broken or lost something on your bin or can crusher please get in touch and see if we can supply a part to get it working again.

Because we stock the world's largest range of recycling bins we are often asked if we can supply replacement parts even by customers who didn't originally purchase the bin from ourselves. If we are able to help then we will.
The pricing of spare parts is aimed to cover the cost of processing the order. The shape options list above includes a few of the spare parts from our best selling products. It isn't possible to itemise every spare part we are able to supply, so please get in touch to see if we can supply the part you need and we'll let you know what the charge will be.
Please don't hesitate to call us on 03456 123-191 if we can provide any further information on spare parts.