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  • The UK produces 3 million tonnes of plastic a year
  • Plastic production uses 8% of world oil production
  • The carcinogens and hormone disruptors in the dioxins, phthalates and Bisphenol A that plastics contain don't sound healthy
  • Unlike other materials we discard, plastics take a very long time to breakdown so any discarded items remain a threat to wildlife and unsightly to us for much longer. A plastic bottle for example can take 400 years before it has finished leaching its poisons into the environment


  • Don't buy plastic if you can help it
  • Drinks taste much better in china or glass and you can get more tea in a mug!
  • Mineral water maybe isn't a healthy option when you see what it is packaged in
  • If any packaging is excessive let the supplier or manufacturer know what you think
  • Use homemade cleaners – lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are powerful alternatives that are also healthier and cheaper


  • Buy a bag for life
  • Plastic bags make great liners for smaller bins in the bathroom or office
  • To remind you to reuse bags when shopping keep them in your coat pocket, by the backdoor or in the car
  • Ask your garden centre if they need any unused plant pots
  • Ecover produce environmentally friendly cleaning products in containers that can be refilled at local stores


  • Most local authorities collect plastics for recycling, although the type of plastics collected can differ
  • Save space by using used, warm dishwater to make bottles pliable and then squash down



  • Waste Watch has lots of scientific, research and general interest data
  • Recoup promotes plastics recycling by offering facts, news and advice for existing and potential plastic recyclers

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