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  • Only 25% of the paper we use is recycled in the UK as compared to 60% in other European countries


  • Cut down addressed junk mail by using the
  • Cut down unaddressed junk mail by emailing your full address to optout@royalmail.com, calling 0845 7950-950 , and selecting option 2 or by writing to Freepost RRBT-ZBXB-TTTS, Door to Door Opt Outs, Royal Mail, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, OXFORD, OX1 1RX
  • Cancel unwanted magazine subscriptions
  • Inform banks, shops if you no longer wish to receive newsletters, magazines etc.
  • Save money by using a cloth rather than kitchen paper


  • Use both sides of paper - I print faxes on new sheets and then print records I've got to keep for VAT on the other side
  • Cut used A4 sheets in half and use as note pads
  • Save envelopes, especially padded ones, to use again
  • Scrunched up newspaper is great for cleaning glass surfaces
  • Offer magazines to local waiting rooms e.g. doctor, dentist
  • Books can be given to local charities or hospitals
  • Screwed up paper is good in compost bins to help aeration and break down green material


  • Charities can get money out of used stamps - cut out leaving a 3mm border and drop off at your local Oxfam when you are passing
  • Some collectors prefer you to remove any plastic windows and gummed bits from envelopes before putting with paper recycling
  • Telephone directories normally should not be put with standard paper recycling bins. Yellow Pages details sites near you where they can be left and contact BT for ordinary directory recycling or ring 0800 783 1592
  • Kitchen paper cannot be recycled with other paper but can be used in the compost
  • Buy a paper recycling bin? I know we sell them but we only sell them because we think they're useful