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  • £12.5 Billion of food is thrown away each year in the UK - 10% of our grocery shopping
  • Composting at home stops food festering in your bin
  • Composting is really rewarding


  • Only buy what you are going to eat
  • Plan meals well and look at recipes for using surplus food. look at www.lovefoodhatewaste.com
  • Shop regularly at and local grocery stores or Abel & Cole can probably deliver organic produce to your door


  • Some scraps will be welcomed by the birds


  • for details of how you can get a compost bin
  • You can make great compost using vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, egg shells, grass cuttings, egg cartons and scrunched up newspaper
  • Store leaves separately to decompose – they take longer to break down with other organics and make great leaf mould on their own
  • Cooked foods, dairy products, fish and meat should only be composted in a green cone or similar
  • Offer to compost your neighbour's organics if they don't have a bin
  • Use a segregated bin, separate bin or even a bucket in the kitchen to put your tea bags, peelings etc into as you use them, we have a great range in our accessories section


  • great group with help on composting in general but also on setting up community schemes
  • (formerly The Composting Association) detailed information includes reports and quality standards
  • (formerly HDRA) organic specialists offering compost training and advice as well as composters, worms and accessories. Site also has great hints and tips 

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