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  • Disposable nappies use super absorbent chemicals and plastics whereas real nappies use natural fibres
  • Cloth nappies cost between £100-£400 as opposed to disposable at £800-£1,200 for the 2.5 years of normal nappy use
  • 3 billion nappies are thrown away in the UK each year with 90% going to landfill
  • Disposables make up 4% of total household waste and up to 50% of that of families with one baby
  • Specialist laundry services are available if you don't have the time or inclination to launder real nappies yourself
  • Disposable nappies use up to 5 times more energy to produce than cotton ones – that's including the washing process


  • Real nappies are great for babies and the environment - save using disposable ones for emergencies


  • Contact any of the links below for sourcing real nappies, laundry services or any other information
  • Some local authorities , like Manchester City Council offer special deals for people interested in real nappies. Contact your local recycling officer for details.


  • National Association of Nappy Services have information on suppliers and features and benefits
  • Little Green Earthlets sell a range of environmentally friendly products for babies and toddlers