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  • Aluminium has the highest value of any recyclable packaging material - £30 million a year is currently uncollected
  • A recycled aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours
  • Every UK resident uses equivalent of 240 steel cans a year


  • Wash out cans to avoid them getting smelly
  • Crush cans with a can crusher or a well protected foot
  • Don't forget that aluminium foil used for baking and fast food containers is also recyclable - if your local authority doesn't collect foil
  • There is no need to but taking labels off cans makes a strange difference to the way you regard them – from waste to resource
  • If you have quite a bit of metal after a diy project take it to a scrap merchant and get some money


  • has educational information, facts and figures and details of community programmes
  • The Steel Can Recycling Bureau has information on recycling and history of the steel can