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  • Glass is theoretically infinitely recyclable – it doesn't degrade in reprocessing.
  • Recycling glass uses less energy than to make new glass from scratch.


If a bottle is returnable then return it
If you have a use for jars for storage or to clean paint brushes in, then do - if not they can be recycled with your bottles


  • Rinsing before storing prevents smells and maybe red wine/gin cocktails running down your sleeve when putting in bottle bank
  • DON'T put in light bulbs, glass panes, ovenware, crockery
  • Blue glass should go into the green glass bank
  • Try using recycle banks during the day to avoid disturbing residents
  • Remove corks, lids, foil from glass before recycling
  • This will seem madness to most of you, but some people are actually put off recycling glass bottles because they are afraid their neighbours will think them alcoholics! Please be assured, as a former recycling collector on community projects, all people think is that you are a civic minded person with a fantastic social life!


  • lots of information on history of glass, recycling figures and tips 

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