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  • Reducing, reusing and recycling are important activities, can make you feel good and save money


  • Avoid heavily packaged goods
  • Buy loose rather than packaged food
  • or
  • Make a packed lunch
  • Don't buy disposable items e.g. razors
  • Instead of goods, give cinema or concert tickets as presents
  • Walking and cycling makes you feel great


  • Use the library and your local toy library
  • Borrow next-door's tools rather than buy your own!
  • Give unwanted goods away to charity, them alternatively sell at car boot or on
  • Buy environmentally friendly products where you can


  • Incorporate recycling visits on journeys you were making anyway
  • If kerbside schemes are available use them – your participation will also encourage others
  • Ensure you put the right item in the appropriate recycling section. Segregated, clean materials are more valuable than mixed, unclean recyclate.
  • Use additional bins or containers in the kitchen, office and bathroom or segregated bins. Use stacked bins or containers in the kitchen, utility room, cupboard or garage


  • general recycling information for younger recyclers
  • Recycle More information for everyone – homes, schools, business, local authorities and the media
  • you've seen the tv and newspaper ads now check out the website
  • facts and figures as well as recycling legislation information
  • good website and great people with information on existing community recycling groups and advice on setting up your own
  • visit the site, buy the book and feel good
  • really attractive stationery made out of recycled materials
  • - Information and publications to help you create heathy and ecological homes and buildings
  • supply all manner of environmentally friendly building products - nice people too
  • : Browse round this bright and informative guide about recycling at home, in school or at work